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Most Intriguing Ultra Running Training Camps of 2017

Photo: Tim Olson Retreats

I’ve been trying to ignore the buzz about ultra running training camps for a long time now. Frankly, I’d love to go to one but finances, baby-rearing, and an inability to sneak away for 3-7 days have been the limiting factors. But when I think about it, they combine my favorite two things: running and travel. Two birds. One stone.

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A deeper dive into Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet’s upcoming climb of Cho Oyu – the 6th tallest mountain in the world


Photo: Suunto Film

The darlings of our sport are headed for the Himalaya. Kilian and Emelie have set their sights on Cho Oyu. While it is known for being one of the easier 8,000+ meter peaks, it’s no cupcake. In fact, there have been over 50 confirmed mountaineering related deaths on Cho Oyu within the last 50 years. So we’re talking about roughly one per year. That’s nothing compared to a K2 or an Annapurna, but its enough to feel a little unsettled for our swedish small farming yogi and the superhuman soft-spoken spaniard.
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The bestest podcasts of the week for your weekend long run. April 28, 2017


URP’s latest pod dropped yesterday on 4/27. It’s an interview with Blake Wood. In the words of ex-NBA basketball star Jalen Rose, “the next best thing to being a all-star, is to achieve veteran status.” For those of us who probably won’t ever be podiuming at Western or UTMB, aiming for veteran-hood is a goal to be revered. Wood is a veteran ultra runner and complete mountain badass in every sense of the word. Nolan’s, Barkleys and a 20x Hardrock finisher. Respect.
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On Ultra Runners and Alcohol Habits

I’m writing this from a position that many of you are probably familiar with. It’s 6am and I know that I probably had literally one too many last night. I didn’t get hammered, I didn’t wake up worshipping the porcelain princess with marker tattoos on my face; I just have that lingering feeling that I shouldn’t of had that last drinkĀ and now I regret it. For me, I was at the neighbor’s house tasting his latest home brew: a particularly interesting 12-13% ABV Russian imperial stout was probably the culprit.
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