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Mocko and Hawks: Going for Broke

Photo: Hoka One One, Jason Hatfield

My most trusted resource, Wikipedia, defines the term “Go for broke” (a Hawaiian phrase originating from a World War II Japanese-American military unit) as “to wager everything”. When you wager everything, the potential reward is huge. You are totally committed, willing to lose it all in order to walk away the big winner.

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Most Intriguing Ultra Running Training Camps of 2017

Photo: Tim Olson Retreats

I’ve been trying to ignore the buzz about ultra running training camps for a long time now. Frankly, I’d love to go to one but finances, baby-rearing, and an inability to sneak away for 3-7 days have been the limiting factors. But when I think about it, they combine my favorite two things: running and travel. Two birds. One stone.

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Galen Rupp vs. Kilian Jornet: Why Kilian would kill on a mountain course

In my last post I made the comment that Galen Rupp would get his ass handed to him by Kilian at Sierre-Zinal. I received some push-back on that, which actually, out of all my claims in that post, the assertion that Kilian would win in a head to head against Galen on a mountain course – in my mind – was one of my most iron-clad. So iron-clad that I feel the need to write a follow up to explain why it’s pretty silly to argue any differently.


Photo: Gerard Reyes

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The future of ultra running: freshening up the spring racing season and trending away from mainstream running

cody reed 1

Photo: Billy Yang Films

Western States shouldn’t be America’s first interesting race of the year.

Sorry to say it, but Moab Red Hot 55k, Way Too Cool, and Chuckanut are about as interesting to me as a treadmill world record…maybe. Not that anyone really cares how interesting they are to me personally, but if I am any kind of bellwether for what people are thinking, maybe there will be some head-nodding as you read this.
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