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Training and Parenthood: I can see where this is headed…

It’s 11:45pm and I can smell the baby puke on my shirt. I’d take it off but I’m too tired. And this isn’t the cute milky spit-up variety; this was full of acid. My 19 month old son, Dash, just filled up his crib with it. My wife Nikki and I heard the gagging and then the liquid flow as we sprinted into his room in a panic. Dash has never thrown up like that before. Never.

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On Ultra Runners and Alcohol Habits

I’m writing this from a position that many of you are probably familiar with. It’s 6am and I know that I probably had literally one too many last night. I didn’t get hammered, I didn’t wake up worshipping the porcelain princess with marker tattoos on my face; I just have that lingering feeling that I shouldn’t of had that last drink and now I regret it. For me, I was at the neighbor’s house tasting his latest home brew: a particularly interesting 12-13% ABV Russian imperial stout was probably the culprit.
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My 2017 Goals: Win all the races. See all the places. Do all the things.

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So I know I’m like three months behind for a goals post, but the dust in my life is just now starting to settle enough to craft some plans. I’m writing this really only because I got inspired when I stumbled upon Kristina Pattison’s fairly old post about committing. There she waxes poetic about this short fragile life and the value of going all in. Like really all in. Read it.
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