Nikki and Dash. They are my whole world. They are my drive and give me all the desire I need to live free, inspired, and to push my limits.

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, bounced around a bit, and then found my way to Montana where my relationship with the outdoors changed forever. My passion for ultra running can largely be attributed to our time spent in Missoula and Bozeman.

I now live in what I consider to be the best year-round trail running town in the country. Bend, Oregon is my home and I don’t ever intend to leave. I’m surrounded by family, mountains, a strong running community, and everything I need to thrive.

While I’ve had my bumps and bruises along the way, I am still chasing my dreams and trying to live life with no regrets.

If you are interested in current specifics, here’s a post about my 2017 goals that sums up where we are at and where we are going.

My Running/Life Resume

  • 1st place at The North Face Utah 50 miler (7:36)
  • 1st place at the McCall 40 miler
  • 2nd place at the Redding Marathon (2:35)
  • 8th American male at Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (30:36)
  • 4th place at Rio Del Lago 100
  • 2nd place at Antelope Island 50k (3:50)
  • 2nd place at Bridger Ridge Run (3:28)
  • 2nd place at HURL Elkhorn 50 miler
  • Four years as a high school coach.
  • NFHS Certified in Coaching Fundamentals.
  • Completed over 30 ultra marathons and marathons (three 100 milers).
  • University of Montana Law School Grad
  • University of Oregon Sports Business Major

My Dream Objectives

  • Sub 24-hour finish at UTMB
  • Western States Top 10 Finish
  • Sub 2:30 Marathon
  • Qualify for Olympic Trials in marathon
  • Achieve my full potential