On the Like a Bigfoot Podcast (no relation to Burt’s Bigfoot 200), Candice Burt is interviewed about how she made her way into race directing and what it takes to put on 200 mile races. One stress-reducer is that she requires each participant to have a Spot tracker so they can have eyes on each and every runner at all times. This pod was of special interest to me because my brother David is running the Bigfoot 200 [see my interview with him here] and I intend to pace him for some of the route.

Find the Candice Burt interview here.



Adam from the Intelligent Racer Podcast interviews Darcy Piceu about her training philosophy, her mistakes, and lessons she has learned along the way. Darcy mentions she’s shooting for 10 Hardrock finishes, which is an incredible feat. I like Adam’s interview style. It’s slightly formal but his questioning comes off natural and genuine. Darcy is a true veteran – I learned a lot from this one.

Find the interview of Darcy Piceu here.



Eric Schranz from Ultra Runner Podcast interviewed newcomer Nicole Ederle about the journey to her first 100 miler. Being from Houston, Nicole needs to be strategic about her training. But this podcast is all about learning – how Nicole has learned the ropes and discovered her passion along the way.

Listen to this interview with Nicole Ederle here.



The Ginger Runner interviewed Gary Robbins about his recent Barkleys Marathon experience and his upcoming attempt of Colorado’s Nolan’s 14. Robbins is always super inspiring to listen to and you can’t help but rooting for him. Stoked to see how Nolan’s goes … I’m sure he’ll pull it off!

Find the interview with Gary Robbins here.



Talk Ultra finally released the latest pod. I love the international flare to Talk Ultra. It’s one of my main sources to find out what’s going on across the pond. In this week’s episode, Ian talks with co-host Karl Meltzer about his AT record doc and followed by two interviews: one with Kate Driskell focusing on multi-stage races and another with Tim Olson where we learn about how the hell he ended up on top the podium at UTWT event Penyagolosa. Not trying to brag, but I kind of called it in [this post].

Listen to the latest episode of Talk Ultra with Driskell and Olson here.