Have you gotten your first sunburn of 2017 yet?

I think we have all seen by now The North Face Athlete and 2016 Leadville 100 Champ Clare Gallagher‘s epic sunburn instagram stories. If you haven’t …

Ouch. These images prompted me to replace those super lame trucker hats I bought like 4-5 years ago.

My two goals were to find something that looked good but that also supports a socially or environmentally responsible company. Because, you know, it helps me sleep better at night.

Here are some options I found:

[1] Serengetee gives 10% of its profits to a variety of grassroots causes and maintains that they source their fabrics from 25 different countries in order to benefit the artisans themselves. Also, all their clothing/accessories are handcrafted in Los Angeles, USA. Well done. $26 – BUY

[2] Headsweats earned some respect from me when they recently launched their National Parks Collection where 20% of the proceeds go to support the National Park Foundation. Props to them for doing their part to make a difference. $28 – BUY

[3] This one is a tip of the hat to our urban adventurers. Runyon Canyon is based in L.A. and named after the 165 acre park located above the city of angels. Why support them? If you purchase this hat, $1 will go to protecting the wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains. That’s pretty sweet. $36 – BUY

[4] I generally consider buying ANYTHING from Patagonia to be going to a good cause. That may be naive but from everything I’ve read and heard, even the top executives fully appreciate the urgency of saving the environment. They are the best in the outdoor business at maintaining a thriving profitable business while holding on to their core values in an effort to bend the curve towards a more sustainable planet. $39 – BUY

[5] If you are looking for a bargain buy, Save the Waves Coalition put out some schwag to support their mission of protecting coastal resources. They are surfer-centric, but what’s good for surfers, is good for everyone. $15 – BUY

[6] Sendero Provisions Co., “is committed to the continual protection of our wild places and honoring the cultures who saw the importance of a life connected to the outdoors. It is our mission to support environmental initiatives of the American West that focus on bringing awareness and applying resources to preserving the land and the rivers that flow through it.” With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds go to support the natural treasure on the hat. $29 – BUY

[7] Finally, while this one doesn’t necessarily support a “good company”, I think the message speaks for itself. $15 – BUY

That’s it folks. Pick up a hat, support a company/message that actually cares about more than the bottom line … and heal up Clare.