Ultra Runner Podcast released THREE podcasts within the last week. Eric has been busy! The first with Jess Mullen, the second with Bob Shebest, and the third with track & field legend Anthony Famigletti. With Jess, Eric and Sarah chat with her about a variety of topics, including her coaching and nutrition tips, training for Western States, and about how she manages to run five 100s a year! With Bob, they discuss his struggles at this year’s golden ticket races and how he found success with P.E.D.S. (other type of PEDS) at the Canyons 100k. And finally, I have no clue what happens on the Famigletti podcast because it just came out. But I remember Anthony as this sort of badass counterculture figure from the early 2000s and one of the most inspiring track & field runners of his generation.

Check out all of these podcasts and more at Ultra Runner Podcast.



Trail Runner Nation brought on Christopher Kelly to discuss his transition to a high fat, low carb diet and what that did for his training/lifestyle. Chris is a very smart sounding British guy; the accent gets me every time! I will say that this podcast starts out a little slow: during the first 10 minutes or so I had no idea what they were talking about. But it did get better and I walked away with a new appreciation for the fat-adaption ideology. Guest star Zach Bitter also adds a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. He seems like he has his dietary regimen pretty dialed in. Finally, to really hook you parents out there, Chris talks about how his daughter has never had a sip of cow milk! And she is still being breast fed at 3.5 years old. Learn why by checking out the podcast here: Trail Runner Nation Interview with Christopher Kelly.



The Ginger Runner sat down and spoke with Devon Yanko about her post-injury come-back and the struggles it entailed. Yanko is refreshingly frank and I’m sure she’ll be standing atop podiums in no time. She recently finished 30th at the London Marathon in 2:54 and 7th at the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa. Find the Ginger Runner Live Podcast with Devon Yanko here.


Chase’s Random Bonus Track and Honorable Mention

Beginning this week, I’m adding in a bonus podcast that may or may not be even tangentially related to running.

So Outside Magazine has a series of podcasts called the “Science of Survival”. I check in on it from time to time when the last thing I want to listen to is more run-talk. Check out their latest, released on 4/25/17, entitled Cloudbusters. Their website describes this episode as follows, “Human beings spent centuries trying to control the weather. Then, about 70 years ago, we figured out the basics of what it takes to make it rain. Now, we’re controlling more weather than you might think and on the brink of a technology that may save us from the effects of climate change. But only if we’re ok with playing God.” My favorite part was learning that somehow Kurt Vonnegut’s brother Bernard, an atmospheric scientist of all things, played a part in this revolutionary process of trying to control the rain. What a crazy family!

Honorable Mention: I didn’t get to listen to the entire podcast so I didn’t put it in the top 5. However, I got a taste of the Southeastern Trail Running Podcast. I think it has potential. In this week’s episode (“PJ and Clinton“), the guys discuss what got them into trail running in the first place. One guy (Clinton) told a pretty epic story about a mountaineering fiasco he experienced in Peru. Nuts. And finally, for the sake of stereotyping, if Southerners are good at anything, they are good at drinking booze and telling stories. And these guys do that in spades. Enjoy.