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Mocko and Hawks: Going for Broke

Photo: Hoka One One, Jason Hatfield

My most trusted resource, Wikipedia, defines the term “Go for broke” (a Hawaiian phrase originating from a World War II Japanese-American military unit) as “to wager everything”. When you wager everything, the potential reward is huge. You are totally committed, willing to lose it all in order to walk away the big winner.

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Friday Fiver: Top 5 podcasts of the week for your weekend long run. May 12, 2017


On the Like a Bigfoot Podcast (no relation to Burt’s Bigfoot 200), Candice Burt is interviewed about how she made her way into race directing and what it takes to put on 200 mile races. One stress-reducer is that she requires each participant to have a Spot tracker so they can have eyes on each and every runner at all times. This pod was of special interest to me because my brother David is running the Bigfoot 200 [see my interview with him here] and I intend to pace him for some of the route.

Find the Candice Burt interview here.
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Training and Parenthood: I can see where this is headed…

It’s 11:45pm and I can smell the baby puke on my shirt. I’d take it off but I’m too tired. And this isn’t the cute milky spit-up variety; this was full of acid. My 19 month old son, Dash, just filled up his crib with it. My wife Nikki and I heard the gagging and then the liquid flow as we sprinted into his room in a panic. Dash has never thrown up like that before. Never.

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Friday Fiver: Top 5 podcasts of the week for your weekend long run. May 5, 2017


Ultra Runner Podcast released THREE podcasts within the last week. Eric has been busy! The first with Jess Mullen, the second with Bob Shebest, and the third with track & field legend Anthony Famigletti. With Jess, Eric and Sarah chat with her about a variety of topics, including her coaching and nutrition tips, training for Western States, and about how she manages to run five 100s a year! With Bob, they discuss his struggles at this year’s golden ticket races and how he found success with P.E.D.S. (other type of PEDS) at the Canyons 100k. And finally, I have no clue what happens on the Famigletti podcast because it just came out. But I remember Anthony as this sort of badass counterculture figure from the early 2000s and one of the most inspiring track & field runners of his generation.
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